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Keith Science - Outsanestrumentals - 12" LP/CD

9-Song album containing all instrumentals from "Outsane" by the YK Collective.  All songs produced & mixed by Keith Science.  Mastered by J.J. Golden.  Copyright © 2018 Central Wax Records.

YK: KiD SEAN x BASA - Outsane - 12" LP/CD

9-Song album by the YK Collective.  Featuring J.Stro & Cain Kerner.  All songs produced by Keith Science.  Scratches by DJ Pressure.  Mixed by Keith Science & KiD SEAN.  Mastered by J.J. Golden.  Copyright © 2016 Central Wax Records.

Keith Science - Lonely Creativity Instrumentals - 12" EP/CD

"The New Jersey producer returns with five new instrumentals mixing traditional 90s-influenced boom-bap beats with a futuristic soul sound." -Ryan Proctor.  Copyright © 2016 Central Wax Records.

Keith Science Presents... Primary Key: Chapter 1 - 12" EP

4 songs featuring C-Red, Rampage, Krumb Snatcha, Kool Keith & Pace Won.  Includes all instrumentals on Side B.  Produced by Keith Science.  Copyright © 2015 Central Wax Records.

Manchild - Got Away With Some Bullsh*t/For Nobody - 12" Single (Remastered)

The 1997 underground classic 12" vinyl single featuring Swift Wizdom.  Remastered by JJ Golden.  Produced & Mixed by Keith Science.  Copyright © 1997/2015 Central Wax Records.

Swift Wizdom - Straight From NJ - 12" EP + Bonus Track

Limited edition 12" vinyl pressing of the previously unreleased 2001 underground EP (plus bonus track) featuring L. Fleks, Afterbirth, Troop and DJ Uncut Raw. Produced and mixed by Keith Science. Mastered by David Torrey, DRT Mastering. Copyright © 2001/2015 Central Wax Records.

Keith Science - Hypothalamus - 12" LP/CD

New Jersey's true-school master, Keith Science, is back with another collection of grimy underground boom bap experiments for all of you hip-hop purists out there. Unlike most questionable productions from today's hip-hop scene, Hypothalamus is a demonstration of sampling excellence, and is Keith's most complete composition to date.  Copyright © 2014 Central Wax Records.

Bobby Nelson - Like My Baby/Running Out Of Time - 7" Vinyl

Bobby Nelson - Like My Baby/Running Out Of Time Limited Edition 7" (45 rpm) vinyl record. Produced by Keith Science.  Copyright © 2015 Central Wax Records.

KiD SEAN - Electron/Marbles - 7" Vinyl

Keith Science collaborates with KiD SEAN & Kev KiLL (BASA) from the Philadelphia-area collective known as "YK" on this 7" vinyl (45 rpm) single.  Copyright © 2015 Central Wax Records.

Schama Noel - Real Hip-Hop - Digital Single

Orlando-based Schama Noel (aka The Rapper Emulator) pays homage to classic hip-hop sounds on this epic single produced and mixed by Keith Science.  Copyright © 2015 Central Wax Records.

Keith Science - Vessels of Thought Volume II - 12" LP/CD

An artistic collection underground hip-hop instrumentals guaranteed to take you to that early 90's blunted state of mind.  Copyright © 2012 Central Wax Records.

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